The original collection of talismans is designed to bring you strength and courage on your adventures.

It all began when Rosh found Dante Alighieri lost in the Inferno, confronted by a lion... The lion was so terrifying that even the air around him was “trembling with fear”.

The lion forces him to summon strength and has become Rosh's everyday symbol of courage.

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“Jewellery brand Alighieri is offering unity in a divided world”
Thanks to our incredible customers we have been able to raise over £90,000 to support Refuge, since beginning our long-term partnership in 2020.
"As a body of work, Alighieri represents an epic journey all of the designer’s own"
Winner of the Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design, celebrating exceptional talent and originality, strong community values and sustainable practices.
"Alighieri is possibly the most esoterically inspired brand"