Rosh Mahtani founded Alighieri to guide her through a dark time. Each fragmented talisman is inspired by Dante Alighieri’s own story of being lost in a dark wood. These Modern Heirlooms celebrate the beauty of human imperfection and vulnerability.

Rosh is driven by telling stories through the universal language of jewellery that bring people together by unlocking narratives and embarking on adventures.

Growing up in Zambia, Africa, she spent her childhood collecting “magical” stones and imbuing them with meaning.

Rosh's grandmother, India

Rosh's mother, Zambia

Rosh, age 32, London

“The question of identity - where am I from, where do I belong - drove me to create my own universe.”

Tales of her grandparents leaving India in 1944 with not much more than the few pieces of jewellery they owned, left a lasting impression on the importance of jewellery as family heirlooms and protective talismans.

Moving to London, aged 9, was the first step in an adventure full of highs and lows. The struggle and grit of her family’s story, drove her to make it to Oxford to read French and Italian.

An outsider in a big world, she fell in love with Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, a story of a poet lost in a dark wood. Alighieri Jewellery was born in 2014 inspired by this journey.

Rosh 2018, Lanzarote

“I wanted to celebrate the beauty in imperfection, and discover the strength to be found in human vulnerability."

A demi-fine jewellery brand rooted in literature and art, Rosh sculpts each fragmented talisman in wax, a spiritual and cathartic process that dates back centuries.

The wax is carefully walked to a local Hatton Garden caster, before being cast in bronze, sterling silver or solid gold. The Modern Heirlooms are designed to travel with you on your adventures, bringing you strength and courage as they did for Rosh.

Alighieri Jewellery is worn by the bravest storytellers, from Michaela Coel to Dina Asher-Smith and Marcus Rashford, all sharing their own narrative’s through our Modern Heirlooms.

The original collection of talismans is designed to bring you strength and courage on your adventures.

It all began when Rosh found Dante Alighieri lost in the Inferno, confronted by a lion... The lion was so terrifying that even the air around him was “trembling with fear”.

The lion forces him to summon strength and has become Rosh's everyday symbol of courage.

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