The Clouds in your Mind Necklace
The Clouds in your Mind Necklace
The Clouds in your Mind Necklace
The Clouds in your Mind Necklace

The Clouds in your Mind Necklace

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The Clouds in your Mind Necklace is handcrafted from 24ct gold plated bronze, in Hatton Garden, London.

2.3cm in length
1.7cm in width
6.3grams each

Adjustable 16/18 inch gold filled box chain.

‘Over the past year I’ve been looking to Dante’s “Divine Comedy” for answers. Never before has the notion of being lost in a dark wood been a more apt metaphor for society right now.

The Roots is an invitation to reflect. What are our priorities? What matters the most to us? For me, the answer is people: my family, my friends, my team and the incredible people who make up the fabric of the Alighieri community. I wanted to use this collection to hold a mirror up to myself, and explore the roots of what makes us who we are.

The Roots Collection has been shot on these very people – a myriad of amazing women.' - RM.

The arduous journey up the Mountain of Purgatory is all about learning as you go, and finding a way back to your roots. There are many illuminating occurrences on Dante's voyage. The aperture in this amulet marks the moment when the clouds are slightly dispelled from your mind, and you find a moment of clarity through contemplation.

This amulet is designed to offer you light and clarity on your everyday adventures. As Dante emerges from the darkest depths of the Inferno he sees light for the first time, on the shores of Mount Purgatory. The night skies seem to transform from the thick vapours of the Inferno to a promise of clear vision. The textured aperture of the Clouds in your Mind Necklace marks this moment of light bursting through the obscurity. May it guide on your life’s adventures and dispel any lingering clouds you may have in your mind.

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