The Alighieri Antique Store is an invitation for you to build a universe of one of a kind artefacts.

Ever since I was a teenager I loved scouring the corners of the world in search of objects, art and treasures from times gone by…” - R.M.

Each object has been discovered by Founder and Creative Director, Rosh Mahtani, on her travels. A nod to Dante’s seven circles of the Inferno, Alighieri Antiques will drop seven pieces on the new moon of every month.


Mixed Media Painting

The Antique Store


German Carved Vessel

The Antique Store


Carved Ceramic Plate

The Antique Store


Wooden Carved Sculpture

The Antique Store


Florentine Mounted Tile

The Antique Store


Pair of Gilded Cups and Saucers

The Antique Store